August 21, 2017


Spanish Town


Elder Morris

I'm Still Alive!

Wa gwan momma. Your guys’ week sounds like it was so fun. I envy the Olive Garden experience. You guys look so cute in that picture of you three girls. Tell the girls that only nerds get nervous for school, and definitely NO HOMECOMING!

Daylon looks crazy freaking old. He looks like a stud though.

My week was good. The zone leaders had a baptism. I get to interview people for baptism because I’m the District Leader. We got to see a bunch of members this week which is always fun. I am reading about Samuel the Lamanite. I just want to go cry repentance like he did. He was so boss man. Being on a mission is fun because we actually get to do that. Teaching people the gospel is great.

One of our investigators came to church. She came late, but she made it for second hour. I didn’t think she would come. But it turns out a bunch of the people in di ward knew her. She was so warmly welcomed by them it was great. She sat next to the Bishop’s wife and they just hit it off. She is coming to her lesson tomorrow with us. Wow, if only members always did that. We set a goal to get about 2 more baptisms this transfer, but its gunna take diligence and miracles.

My allergies have actually been really bad. On Friday I was near to the usage of my epi pen. My arms broke out into hives and my stomach went nauseous and my throat kinda closed. Luckily the zone leaders made us walk home so that really helped. I made it home took a bunch of zyrtec and benadryl and went to bed. Elder Morris really wanted to jab me with the epi-pen! I don’t know what it was from but it was no bueno. Sister Pearson had me stay in on Saturday. But to quote Pearl Jam “I’m still alive!”


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