August 14, 2017


Spanish Town


Elder Morris

My Companion is a Surgeon

Mommy, I hope you are ok. I bet you’re yoked now that you started cross fit again. Keep working on those jumps. Someday you’ll make it on top of that tire. Things have been nice. We got a Haitian elder in my district now so that is cool.

It’s hot here today but I’m starting to like the heat just like you. I heard a Spanish song on the radio today in a taxi and it just gave me warm memories of Spain. I teach Elder Morris Spanish. I love my shoes. They are life changing. Rebekah is looking tall in those pictures. Anyhow are you and Carolyn always sore now? You guys are gunna look like Rich Fronig! My companion really wants to see videos of Dad lifting weights. Thanks for your emails this week. it helped me feel better about the future.

Thanks pops. That was a blessed email you sent. This week has been alright. We had zone conference. It was centered on becoming Christ like. It was mega powerful and thought provoking. We met a few really grand people this week who show so much potential in the gospel. Being district leader is easy, but I feel like I really need to step up to be a better example. I was in the habit of just kind of going with the flow, but now I have to relay information to my whole district and I have to follow up with them and all of this stuff. It’s good though and it will help me. Elder “surgeon” Morris delivered 4 kittens from a woman’s cat who got hit by a car. The mom was dead but the kittens were still alive. Luckily Morris hunted enough and skinned it and popped out 4 likkle kittens. It’s a Christmas miracle!


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