June 12, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Wirthlin

Things are Happening!

Well big news, big news. I'm staying in Hopeton to complete the training of Elder Wirthlin. We have 1 young gal on date and a heap of great investigators. Things are happening. Lately I’ve been able to realize how bright the future of this branch is. This week we are going to set aside a whole day and schedule 0 appointments and just walk way far and find all day. It’s going to be so rad. You should look up the recipe for peanut porridge online. It is the best. I feel like you would like it a lot dad. mmmm.

We aren't going to have much of a p-day. We are helping the Mandeville elders with service this morning. Then we have to shop really fast because we have lessons starting at 4:30. It’s really hard because we have great people to teach but they could only meet during our p-day hours. So I guess we will have to tough it out.

I'm hoping to make some really nice sour sop juice sometime this week. I just finished eating ackee and salt fish with some fried dumpling and yam. It was way fun on Thursday night. Elder Numbers and I were outside working out at night, and at our likkle apartment complex there was tons of cars. Then I remembered the owner recently died. The groundskeeper had told me weeks in advance that there would be some gathering. So to pay our respects we went over. We were give mannish water at the entrance. Remember that one Jamaica show we watched about Jamaican food. Yeah this was on there. It wasn't my first time eating it but it was the best. Then we were seated and served jerk chicken and sweet potato and fry dumpling. It was the best.


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