June 5, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Wirthlin

Hurricane Season- The Sea is Getting Ornery!

This past week was really cool. We got 6 new investigators. We found this one lady named Ruth who is that dream elect women. She is so humble and loves God so much. She is a grandma and she takes care of her gran pickny. She loves the gospel and we are seeing her again tomorrow. Elder Wirthlin is really bold, so that makes me more bold. It’s starting to feel really cool when we talk to people because I feel like we are just spiritual warriors.
Yesterday I was dead. My body was so week I could barely walk. It took so much prayer and grit to go the required distance. My forearms were burning hot and my ankles and calves were shot. It was rough. Luckily the Richardsons and the Chandlers fed us. I passed out on the Chandler’s couch. I slept like a dead rock that got beat over the head, and I woke up in a wild confusion. We moved some mall for this member in our branch. She lives way far in the sister’s area but our sister missionaries are new and don't know her as well I do. So me and Elder Wirthlin went over and worked with her and her sons. We talked about dragon ball z and ate some nice chicken foot soup. Elder Wirthlin couldn't make himself eat the chicken feet. He said just the thought of it was gross. It’s ok, more for me! Hurricane season started on June 1. The wind is picking up and the sea is getting ornery!


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