May 22, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Wirthlin

Finding New Places

I love you guys so much. This week was good. We have been finding new places every day. I didn't think there was anything new in Hopeton for me.

My camera is pretty mashed up so it’s hard to send photos. I promise there are many on their way. My companion has been taking a lot of pictures. I feel like I'm always so pressed for time whenever I email you guys.

I’ve been trying to clear my mind of post mission things. Not that I'm anxious or nervous, it just consumes my thoughts a lot like when I'm studying. I read the book of Judges from yesterday to today. That book is like the war chapters and it’s so rad.

We taught our second lesson together to a Jamaican national track and field coach. He’s coaching throws right now at a high school but travels with the team. Edward Hectors is his name. We will go visit him tomorrow.

I don’t know what I would do without Elder Wirthlin. We were struggling on Friday and it was raining and I was wet and cold. He stepped up and took the lead and it was awesome. We stopped and prayed and immediately after that we met this cool youth, Kareem. The rest of that day went really good.

I love you fam. Big up


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