May 1, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding

Transfer Week

That’s cool that Jon Pall Sigmarsson has the same birthday as Dad. I try to tell people about strongman and Jon Pall but no one understands. That picture with Dad and Rebekah in front of Trevor’s truck is awesome. Rebekah looks really tall and Trevor’s truck is dope. Ok so here is the transfer call: I'm staying in Hopeton for 2 more transfers because I'm going to be training someone. I find out who on Wednesday. I'm so happy! It’s an answer to my prayers in every way possible.
I'm hyped to get a fresh youth who is ready to share my vision for the HOPETON branch. I guess my most memorable thing is that yesterday after the Richardson’s fed us I talked to these kids. They were looking for their goat. One of them was from Brooklyn. Yeah, that was cool.
How is McKay Tucker doing? Can you send me Collin Dunn’s and Tyson Adams’ email address? My best friend Elder Callister is also training. He’s the district leader in old harbor. One thing that has been really cool is the blessings I gain from not thinking about myself. I have not really been thinking about or focused on eating lately, but every time I'm hungry I'm given food or something like that. I'm still like 200lbs but I don't even make an effort to eat. It’s pretty cool. Romans chapter 8 verse 30-39. It’s a powerful thing.


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