April 24, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding


What the heck? That’s terrible for Sean. Wow, how blessed I am with good health! I have had a good tail end of the week. My companion recognized that I have been down and less enthusiastic lately. I pretty much just quit for a while because of the inner struggle I was having. I let it overcome me and just was in a mega funk. Ever since I decided to stop being a sorry sop I have had more good things happen. I met some really cool people that I wouldn’t have met if I was still all grumpy. We don’t have many progressing people right now and only have one person on date for baptism. That has been the story of my life lately, but it encourages me to keep trying to find new people.
I have been able to have better scripture study lately. Man, do I love church. It is a peaceful sanctuary from the stresses of the week.
My abs are really coming in nicely now. I am so jealous of RQ’s throwing shoes and jealous that she has a ring, a driveway, and a back patio to practice her spins. Tell Bekka good luck with practice and make sure she plays aggressive!
Next week I will have some good stories, I promise. I will try to send some pictures later.


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