April 18, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding

Easter Was Interesting

Well, my Easter was interesting. I got chased by dogs and fed by members and I scraped my shin and I became a farmer and I ate bun and cheese. I miss Easter at home it’s always so fun. I heard dad was lame and didn't do an Easter egg hunt.

Tell Raquel not to worry, school will be over before she knows. Then she’ll be like, hmm I wish I would have stayed after and asked for help. Or she’ll say hmm I wish I studied more, or I wish I would have looked this up on line, or I wish I would have asked Brother Bischoff to help me because he is a math genius.

Rebekah’s AAU thing sounds pretty serious. She must be one big boss. Has she been practicing and watching better basketball? How was Easter dinner? How are the dogs? Oh yeah I hit my 7th month mark last week. I hope mom eats lots of ice cream to make her jaw feel better.

I read that gospel principles book all the time. It really helps as a missionary to try to learn principles in the most basic way. It helps in teaching so much. So many missionaries have to take a long time to explain things. That book helps you gather your thoughts into short lethal sentences.


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