March 20, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding

Chelany Week

Me and Elder Riding are staying the same. One more run in Hopeton. So much to talk about this week. I will mostly just talk about the positives. Breda Dixon got baptized this Saturday. He is the one who had a stroke. Three other people got baptized as well. 2 from the Hopeton Branch, 1 from Santa Cruz, and another from Junction. It was hectic but good. Well, good until a fist fight broke out between two sisters. That was bad. But besides that, it was a good experience.
I wrote a letter to one of our investigators during Sacrament meeting. I don’t know if it will help her, but I figured it was a unique way to show her we cared. I also have to stop saying “I” when it comes to missionary things. I want to be more unified but I have a lot to work on.
I love the “Teachings of the Prophets” book about Gordon B. Hinckley. We got to share Lesson 6 this past Sunday. I talked about how family prayer is real important. I am glad you guys pray as a family because it helps so much.
One thing I tried to do this week was to eat meat more sparingly. It worked out really well. I felt great throughout the day and I never really hit the super sleepy point right after a meal. I also bought a heap of hot chili peppers last week. I got pretty used to them but my tummy didn’t. Ha Ha. My health has been great really and all my clothes and shoes are making it just fine. Sometimes I wish I had a sweatshirt though. They call it coolcool Mandeville for a reason. I don’t think I will survive the cold weather when I get back home.
This week is going to be called Chelany week. I have this personal goal of being able to re-open this Parish north of Mandeville called Chelany. They actually pronounce it treylony. So because it will take a mega missionary to do that, I am going to have to step up my game! So I am going to go in this week like I’m in an area with no base whatsoever. I’m just going to try to grind as hard as possible. WOOT!
Tell Raquel to just stop getting older and to just stop growing and just stop. I think I’m growing too though. The more I talk to people the taller I get. Tell Dad to send some videos from the track meets. I’m trying to match your praying with my own prayers. I love you so much Mom. I guess when I miss you less it’s because I am working harder. But I always miss you and Dad. Nuff love, Bigg Ups to yourself Mom.


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