February 27, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding

Asafa Powell

WHAT! No I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since we got Vanessa! How did that happen? I remember she has been pulling me since she was a young pup. She pulled me when I still had that chariot thing. Man me and that dog have gone on some cool adventures in the back field and stuff, I can’t believe it. She used to play with Tristan Malone’s dog in the back yard. I remember like maybe last school year or what not, I had to pick up Raquel from school for like a week or something, and I would take Vanessa with me in the car and we would rock out to Pearl Jam together. Or the first night we got her and I tried to have her sleep in my room and I died of allergies. Or when she got attacked by that bird. Those were the days!

So much good news. that is so dope. Elder Riding and I were so happy when we saw that you guys went to Elder Palmer’s homecoming. Man oh man that email made me so happy. I love hearing about Isaiah’s progress. It’s way cool and I know it makes you happy training and working out with people. That track and field letter got me so jacked I’ve been sleeping with my discus at night so I don't forget how to hold it.

My legs are getting bigger and stronger. We have been playing soccer every Saturday for the past couple weeks. My footwork and ball skills are much worse than all the other people we play, but I'm faster and quicker than all of them.

We had Stake conference in May Pen. It was so dang swag to go back. I miss it there so much. I was surprised by how many of the branch members remembered me. It was so nice. I hope I get to go back again.

Mi nah sure if I already told you guys this, but just down the road from us lives Asafa Powell’s brother and children. I also met his mom and dad and other siblings while on tradeoffs.

Tell Rebekah to do as much stuff as she can and to always stay involved. it will benefit her in so many ways. She won’t regret it even if it seems really hard. Tell Raquel to dominate basketball and tell her to try to get kicked out of a game. It’s way better that way.

You guys are truly old. I can’t believe it’s been that long since you met each other. Did you guys go do anything fun? I sent you guys letters, are they there yet? There was a few of my friends letters I sent to you cuz mi no no der address. Thank you so much for writing and I always love to hear from you.


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