February 20, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding

I am Partly Spanish

Wat ya deal wit Mummy. Wud up Pops? Mi daya gwan easy. This week has been really good. We have taught some good lessons this week. We have two people who are on date. Both of them in March. One of them is a member’s husband and the other is a 14-year-old girl who has a grand aunt who is a member. Boy were those awesome lessons! I extended the Baptismal invitation both times and it hit my chest like a lightning bolt when they said “Yes”. I almost passed out. I am really excited and hyped! I believe we can get 4 baptisms this transfer. There is this other young man who is on his way to baptism as well.
This week has been really cool. Elder Riding received driving privileges so now we can drive about.
Tell Grandma thank you for the nice letter she wrote me.
I have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables to try to keep my immune system up. I haven’t gotten sick yet, so I am pleased. We played some soccer with some people the other day. I truly am partly Spanish. I was going Spanish street kid on dem fools!
I finished Alma today and now I am going to finish from where I was in 2nd Samuel.
Tell Isaiah to start doing a little extra running because Bowden is going to kill him with running! Also teach him what foods to eat so he doesn’t get as sore. I am so very happy that he has chosen to do Track. He’s going to make so many good memories and friends out there. Don’t let him stop training with weights during the season. Also, he should do USATF. Well, that’s a lot of stuff I just suggested, but yeah. Oh yeah, Rebekah needs to take up Fencing.
Also tell Carolyn and her family hello for me and tell me how they are doing.
Today is Zone P-day. Alright, lickle more, which means later or until next time, or something to that effect.


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