February 13, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding

"Life is Good"

Yo, tell Isaiah that he’s gunna be a beast. I honestly do miss all that weight training stuff. I miss cleans and deadlifts and squats and good mornings and resistance runs and all of that stuff. The elder who I work out with in the morning only pretty much does bench.
I never get to speak Spanish to people because no one speaks it. Sometimes I speak it anyways. I just start teaching the kids Spanish. JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!
The stain remover is really awesome. I'm so glad that you sent it. My face is actually more handsome than it was before after dropping the bench press bar on my face. Hard to believe but true.
Sounds like you guys learned the same thing we learned this Sunday. It was out of the President Hinckley teaching manual. President Hinckley used to shake his companion’s hand every morning and say, "life is good". I just started doing that with Elder Riding. You should add that to your "make good choices".

This week was a different type of week. Elder Riding was mega ill all week. He is starting to feel better and things but not full health yet. The mission put him on some aggressive anti-biotics. I eat lots of fruit and veggies. I aint ever gonna get sick. I’ve been thinking about drinking spoiled milk just so I can have a mega immune system.
So I did a whole heap of studying and cleaning and stuff. I worked on my six pack. I'm gunna mail out my letter today. no doubt.

We taught one lesson yesterday after church. One of our investigators called I think Saturday telling us her son was sick in the hospital. So we went down there and it was so sad. when you go into the hospital here you realize that you are in a third world country. We also talked to this guy named Garth. He was real cool and actually lives in our area. When he found out that we were going to give Tanisha’s son a blessing he asked us if we could give his son a blessing. Then after that a lady saw us give them a blessing and asked us if we could give her daughter a blessing because she is having a second flare up of sickle cell. Man, was that a heart wrenching experience. In so many of those instances the parents could only sit by and watch their children moan in pain. But I know that it helped my heart grow because I just wanted to help them. So that's what this week was like.


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