January 31, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding

Security Guard

My allergies are very bad in the morning. They just came back all of a sudden. My allergies when chopping grass is pretty bad. It was fun to live the allergy free life for a lickle while. I'm just like Chuckie Finster from the Rugrats..

I constantly get comments on my eyes. It’s pretty dope. I remember Griffen hated it when people said stuff about my eyes. We explored some deep down caves today.

I made stew peas and it was really nice. You could make it. I used the house crock pot. I used sausage as the meat but you can use anything. You should look up how to make it. I also used pancake powder instead of flour. If you can find pigs tail you gotta use that, it’s the best!

Tell Raquel to keep up her efforts in school. I might regret saying this, but it will pay off later in life. Tell Raquel I love her and talk about her a lot to people. A lot of Jamaicans have family links to Florida, so I use her as a conversional item. We are finding so many lickle short cuts through our area and stuff, it’s cool.

We walk through the perilous streets of George Reed. We found this guy sitting on the stairs at some business. I thought he was homeless at first. Turns out he was a security guard. We challenged him to be baptized right there. We went back the next day and had a lesson with him and it was so good. It truly makes you feel good when someone just grasps onto the gospel. We hadn't had a lesson like that in weeks.
We managed to find 6 new investigators. One of them is a family who seems really promising. I'm excited to study and teach them.

This week in church an old sister in the branch went out. President McLeod and I carried her to a car so she could get rushed to the hospital. I thought she died. She was pretty lifeless. That messed with my head for a lickle while.
I would recommend watching “Safety for the soul” by Jeffrey R. Holland. I'm kinda on a gospel sharing high. My spiritual thought-mosiah18:21- be united as a family, as members, as missionaries, and as a

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