January 23, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding

Let Us Be Honest in Our Dealings

I love you Mom. I miss you so much. You really are such a great mom! Right now I am eating a giant plantain. Jamaica has been good. The weather is nice and temperate in Mandeville. We have been able to do service and things like that this week. I bought a machete. It’s a likkle one that can fit into my bag. I’m hoping that being prepared will help open doors to more spontaneous service. I like Patwa and I am slowly getting better at it.
I got to give a talk in church this past week. The Branch members really loved it, I think.
We have had a lot of conferences lately. On Saturday we had one in May Pen. Man, it was so nice to see May Pen again! I miss it so much, except for the heat. It is HOT over there. The Caribbean Area President taught us how to teach. He said we need to stop just sharing information and just start teaching. We need to ask people questions that will help them find their own answers.
I guess my spiritual thought this week is to avoid hypocrisy. It allows us to justify and hide behind our wrongdoings. Let us be honest in our dealings with our fellow men, that we may stand in confidence before God at the last day.


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