January 16, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding

Mi Patwa Too Tick

wata- gwan mommy. Mi dia gwan easy ya know. Dis past week been full of emotions. Dem thiefs thief mi phone credit. Dem thiefs say" mi beg ya one call" and then they send themselves credit from our phone. Mi patwa too tick. They call mi a junctionite. hahaha. Mi love fi peak patwa. Mi a chat all da while. Mi one waga. Waga is fat in Jamaica. Mi wey 203 lbs el otro dia. pero no tengo mas musculos, mi estomago es mas gordo. haha yo comer muchas cosas delisioso. Me gusta pies de pollo y cuello de turquia y me gusta cochino con el piel con lickle hairs on it. Da hairs are the best part. Mi love some yellow yam, ummmm boil it up and it’s a tasty treat. I don’t really cook too much. I make pancakes and eggs and cereal and microwave pretty much anything. Sorry if you can’t understand what I’m saying I’m jus get u ready for ow I will peak when mi ome. Jamaicans don’t pronounce the H. so no mo HHwheat thins. They are kinda like peeps from Rota. They take out sounds and don’t finish their words. For example: mi ave de mos kind an lovin fambaly u gwan eva mee o see. I just got the picture and stuff you sent me and it’s awesome. Thank you so much. That made my night when I got it. I really miss you guys a whole bunch and ope u live long and prosper. Give each other a big fambly hugs onite ya ear? (you Hear) I’m trying to be full Jamaican but it’s hard. People always ask me if I’m Jamaican then they see my eyes and ask were I’m from. Big up ono self ya ear? lickle mor. blessing and respect to mi fambily


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