January 4, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Riding

All New Housemates

My new companion is Elder Riding and he is from Rexburg, Idaho. He has been on his mission for about 17 months and we are getting along really well. My other two housemates are pretty cool. One is from Jamaica, and Elder Greenwade is from New Mexico. Elder Greenwade has an entire bench press set with weights and stuff so we have been getting up every morning at 5:00 to work out. I still have some strength left. Anyhow, I kind of miss my old housemates because we were good friends, but this was a good change that was made.
We ended up not throwing the discus last week. My housemates wanted to do other stuff. That guy who was supposed to be baptized hasn’t been yet. We couldn’t get a hold of him for about two weeks so we are going to push it back to hopefully late January. I did get to do a baptism nonetheless though. The Hopeton Sister Missionaries had me baptize one of their investigators. Man, was that ever awesome! The Spirit is so palpable when you baptize a person. I was shaking for about ten minutes afterward.
We are really trying to do a lot of member work. That is really the focus that the whole Jamaica mission is doing right now. It’s really weird and different from what I have been used to, but I know it will work out well.


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