December 19, 2016


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Aguirre

Unhealthy Hunger

Eye my chargy, mi daya gwan easy ya kno. This week pretty much blended together into one. The only definitive parts I remember are the food I made. I was cooking a burger on the griddle and mixing pancake mix. Then, once the burger was done, I just put it into the pancake mix and cooked one giant pancake with a turkey burger inside. On the note of food, I have been having a bit of an issue. I have plenty of food and money to buy food, but I am always hungry. Like an unhealthy hunger. We could have just been fed by a member a huge heap of food and then some. Five minutes after finishing I am turning to my companion and saying, “I’m not full yet. I’m still hungry.” My hips have been really uncomfortable as well so I think this means I am hitting a growth spurt. I am going to come home 6’3”!
We are figuring out our area really well now. We are getting to talk to a lot of people on the street. There is this road that no matter where you go in our area, you will end up on Balvenie drive. It’s actually kind of creepy how that road works.
We had a good lesson with a guy named Chris. What was cool about this lesson is that we just got to know him better. Teaching works better when you understand who they are and don’t just teach them whatever you had planned. It also helps you have more charity towards them because you value them more as a person.
That’s so cool that Dad did another contest! Did he get to pick his own music? Did the girls have fun or were they bored? Man, I have so many memories of those contests. Is he healthy? Did he strain or pull anything? How much is Raquel benching now? Tell Abby that if she is ever going to be a real hunting dog she needs to embrace the cold weather.
I am going to try to send out some letters today to the girls and some others. If I don’t know someone’s address I will just send it to our home. My companion leaves in 8 days so we are just enjoying each other’s company while it lasts.
I have been trying to pray more earnestly lately. It’s hard, but the benefits of having better communication with my Father in Heaven are life altering. One last thing; bear your testimony more often, to more people, and in more places.


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