December 12, 2016


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Aguirre

God Loves His Children

Yo Momma, what are you up too? This week has been really, really hard and a rollercoaster of emotions. I have had a couple of those days where I just want to quit, but God has gotten me through to P-day somehow. First off, I have another new companion. Elder Christensen was transferred to be a zone leader in Santa Cruz. My new companion, Elder Aguirre, is from Farmington, Utah but he goes home in two weeks, on December 27th. Elder Aguirre is a scripture wiz.
I am now leading the area. I actually only know a small portion of our area, and I got us lost for about 5 hours on Wednesday. We probably walked like 10 or so miles that day. I have come to realize, oh so quickly, that I cannot do this work alone. I have had to try so hard to rely upon the Spirit in order to get anything productive done. One strength of mine that I have been trying to use is my testimony. I don’t know all the protocols, I don’t know my area, and I don’t know how to manage a schedule all that well, but what I do know is that God loves his children, and that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s Kingdom on earth. I really don’t know why I was placed in this position, but I have a very strong feeling that God is preparing me for something big. I don’t know what though.
There was one moment that made this whole week worthwhile though. We had a pet kitten for a day because someone gave it to us on our way home. We ended up doing some service for the guy who gave us the kitten. His name is Paul, he is super cool and funny, and he lives just down the road from us. We chopped his yard and stuff like that, and he invited us to come back and teach him later that evening. The Spirit was super strong in that lesson and he has decided to be baptized later this month!
I have been getting better at going up to people and talking to them on my own now. Our area has so much potential, we just need to figure out how to dominate missionary work.
Well, I hope this letter didn’t get you down or anything, I am doing just fine. In a couple of months this will all be behind me. I am writing letters to people when I get enough free time, but Raquel’s and Rebekah’s are finished. I just have to buy some stamps and send them off. I am sad that I don’t get to go to Dad’s contest with him. I miss doing that. I look forward to seeing another large and dangerous weapon in the house when I get back! Tell Raquel congratulations on the volleyball game. I know that if she wants to, she can make the high school team next year! I’m glad she found something she actually likes. Tell Rebekah to enjoy the snow as much as she can.
Aaaaaahhhh, big up ya self!


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