December 5, 2016


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Christensen


Ahhh mi General. Wa ya deal wit? It’s so nice to finally get to email you guys. I sent a bunch of pictures to you and a few to Raquel. I have not gotten the package yet, but I’m waiting for it in anticipation. It’s so funny to hear about the dogs and the treadmill. It’s really nice to hear you talk about the actual cold. People here are like, “Oh man that north wind soon come, it’ll be like 60 degrees outside.” And I can’t help but laugh at them because that is mega weak sauce! This cool guy in the Hopeton branch was freaking because there was ice formed on a tree. Now don’t get me wrong, in Jamaica that must be something special, but back in America that is a dime a dozen.
Anyhoo, this week has been pretty good. It was Elder Christensen’s birthday on the 30th. We found a couple of really elect ladies. They are so ready to receive the gospel. They are like the perfect investigators. This week was going real rough, we were doing a ton of finding and walking but toward the end of the week we were able to have a lesson with this lady who we have been trying to teach for over four weeks according to Elder Christensen. That lesson with her was super great and it’s nice to know that someone wants to hear about the restored gospel.
On Sunday we went home teaching with the Richardsons. It was so cool! We got to meet a bunch of less-active members that I have never met before. Then the Chandlers, a Senior Missionary Couple had all of the missionaries in the Zone over for dinner and to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. #Lighttheworld
I just finished reading the Book of Mormon again in record time! By the way Mom, you are old- haha. I love and miss you guys a lot. I tried to send you guys more pictures than I did but the computer is handicapped. Oh, and we met this way cool carpenter who has this massive shop and has been working with wood for over 62 years. I’m going to buy some Jamaican wood and stuff and he’s going to make me a sick longboard! It’s funny because I already got into an argument with him about how longboards are made. # shredthegnar


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