November 29, 2016


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Christensen

We Be Walkin'

Happy Birthday Mum, wow you sure are old. Did you know what I just thought about? You always said that someday you and Dad will get so old that one of us kids will have to take care of you. Has that day come? Haha.
Sorry I didn’t get to email yesterday but we had to stay inside most of the day because of local elections and people tend to get rowdy. Did the family get you any cool gifts? I hope they treated you well. Seeing all the Thanksgiving stuff in the pictures really makes me miss home. We really didn’t do much on Thanksgiving. I didn’t even remember it was Thanksgiving until about 8 that night when a member told us, but we made up for it yesterday. I’m not sure how, but I had over 24,000 Jamaican dollars on my card after grocery shopping last week, and for some reason everyone else in the District is out of money, so last night I ordered Domino’s pizza for our apartment and it was so good. It was a feast among feasts! I really needed a day of rest and consuming food because I have been withering away. I weighed in at only 180 pounds yesterday morning, but my six-pack game is strong though! My goal for this transfer is to work on my vertical jump and my speed so I guess it is okay to be on the lighter side.
We have had very little to no success this week. It’s been frustrating, but it’s not too bad. We are just in the stage now where we are talking to anyone and everyone. We are fine-tuning our finding approach. We decided that we need to be more creative and try ways that are more unorthodox. Luckily I am a pro at doing things different than everyone else, so success soon come! The two successes that we have had are two young men who seemed very interested and even excited about the Book of Mormon.
This companionship is helping me with my people skills and following the promptings of the Spirit. I am much more open with Elder Christensen when it comes to voicing opinions that I have, especially when they are different than his.
My companion has not wanted to run hills with me since that first morning. I am the only one in our house who wants to exercise, which is frustrating because it always seems like I end up training or exercising by myself. I miss working out with Dad.
My pedal fell off my bike again, so we be walking. Tell Rebekah to keep on working on those abs. She should incorporate some side ab work also.
I have met some of the most spiritually strong people while here in Jamaica. Most everyone is so thankful for all they have. I have also met some of the most base ignorant knuckleheadMcSpazatrons on the face of this earth! I have also learned that every herb that God has created has a good purpose. Even Ganja has good purposes that I didn’t know about. One of them is that when properly prepared it cures cataracts so people can see. After about a month of using Ganja eyedrops the cloudiness goes away. I also realize more than ever that smoking weed is one of the dumbest acts a person can do! If someone says, “It’s not that bad, it’s just weed” you should proceed to immediately punch them in the face! Weed will mash up your brain. I have seen enough Rastafarians in Jamaica who are just GONE! Kids, Don’t Do Drugs!


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