November 14, 2016


May Pen, Jamaica


Elder Palmer

The Deep Fryer

I can’t believe that Griffen waited until right after I left to come visit. Those guys look so funny and I wish I could have been there. Man do I miss those guys. I saw the pictures of the missionaries eating Papa Murphy’s pizza, and man was I jealous.
My patwa is getting better. I discovered an up and coming rap star/dance hall artist. He’s 10 and his name is Carlos. He spits mad fire into the mike.
I just had ackee and salt fish about an hour ago and it is sooooo tasty. I drank my first coconut and had mango and cane sugar. We have also been deep frying a lot of things, like stuff that you would probably never let me do at home, but since there is no adult supervision we can put anything our heart desires into the deep fryer.
This week we are working on testifying more during our lessons. It brings the spirit so much more. We had tradeoffs with the other elders in my house on Wednesday or Thursday. Elder Ludlow and I had the greatest lesson ever. We talked about how the power to perform miracles is still on the earth. Man was it good. I’ve been trying to have enough faith that if the time should come where I had to heal someone or perform a miracle that I would have enough faith that God would use me or my companion as his instrument to do so. I did do the baptism and it was great. The spirit was strong, and after I did it my legs were shaking.


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