November 7, 2016


May Pen, Jamaica


Elder Palmer

"Behold, My Joy is Full!"

Oh Mama how’s it going? Aaahh, wa gwan? How’s it been in the great land of Spokane? My birthday was pretty fun. The video of me getting floured is on Elder Smith’s camera. I will try to get that to you. I’m very slowly learning patwa. I can comprehend better and better. But I guess anything is better than understanding absolutely nothing. I just got the girls’ letters today. Don’t send them to my house, send it to the mission office. It gets here so much faster. Send me the pictures of the missionaries on Halloween. Make sure you put the dogs to work, get them exercising. I’ m glad the girls are doing sports. That’s way cool! Tell Rebekah to watch the Better Basketball videos and Carmelo Anthony highlights. Elder Palmer and I seriously love the letters from Raquel and Rebekah, “You look tired, you should get some rest.” I get to skype with you next month. I can’t believe I have been away from home for almost 2 months!

We did a service activity at this special needs school. That was fun and we got to use machetes. Zone meeting was way fun. There is this Sister from South Africa and she doesn’t like Hyenas, so naturally she is my arch-nemesis now. Only two out of the four bikes in our apartment work, mine and Elder Ludlow’s. We were eating at a Sister’s cook shop and her 19-year-old daughter said, “You are definitely not Jamaican. You look like a black French man.” At least she didn’t say British.

I’m so happy you guys are reading in the Book of Mormon. That’s way cool. Right now I’m in 3rd Nephi and 1st Samuel. I have been picking random books in the Old Testament to read just because I want to know more and the stories are cool. I am performing my first baptism this Saturday.

We taught the Gospel Doctrine class yesterday and it was the strongest I have felt the Spirit in a long time. The topic was, “Behold, my joy is full”. My favorite scripture I used in that class was Alma 5:26. Dieter Uchtdorf used it in his talk. Fasting really, really works and it is also really hard. I ate my first tuna sandwich. It wasn’t that good, but it was the first food after my fast, so it was delicious. Yesterday we got fed lunch and two dinners #foodislove #jamaicanfoodislife.

This week we started teaching this guy named Renford. His legs are very handicapped / crippled. He uses crutches to get around. His spirit is so strong and he has a tenacious go get ‘em attitude. “Don’t let your dreams just be dreams! Yesterday you said tomorrow. So Just Do It!”


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