October 31, 2016


May Pen, Jamaica


Elder Palmer

Jamaican Dog Sled Team

Man o man, those stats are so exciting! Man do we get hyped when you send in the UW and WSU scores. Especially with all these Utah bums around.
One of our investigators got baptized. Kamar, he is 13 and the nephew of the most solid member in the May Pen branch. We have another 13 year old named OJ on date for Nov 5th. His dad should be getting baptized sometime after him. On Tuesday of last week we had a trade off with the zone leaders. I had Elder Stevens. He’s in Santa Cruz. Not sure if I ever told you guys but I’m in a city called May Pen and my area is Clarendon. I’m actually emailing you from Mandeville right now because we have a zone p-day here. Anyway on the trade off we had multiple people call us over to talk to them and they asked for a Book of Mormon. It was insane! In the middle of one of our lessons one guy said, “So how do I become a member of this church?'' but we haven’t been able find any of those people again.
I bought 5 jumbo boxes of cereal and 4 box milk packages, and 12 oranges. That’s what I lived off this week and it was kind of awesome. It’s the same type of tasty milk they have in Spain and it’s so good. I’m probably going to buy a more balanced diet.
I’ve been practicing my spins again and remembered how much i love the discus. We did some resistance runs today and man am I out of shape. Please send discus shoes. Those are actually important things. I miss u guys a lot and think of home and Ridgemont and McDonalds fries a lot. I miss Vanessa pulling me around. Elder Palmer and I are going to round up the biggest wild dogs we can find and make a Jamaican dog sled team. “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!”


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