October 24, 2016


May Pen, Jamaica


Elder Palmer

My Quads are Getting Jacked!

My day to day life is pretty good actually. Wake up, work out, eat breakfast, get ready and go out. Sometimes we have a lesson early or a meeting. If not, then we go out finding. Since I’m a trainee I get an extra hour of study with Elder Palmer. We ride around looking for people to talk to, or people we have taught in the past. We do that for a while, then we eat lunch. Sometimes from a cook shop and sometimes just our own food. Jamaican chicken is the best except for chicken liver. Curry chicken back is tasty and chicken feet and most other chicken parts. I tried jerk chicken for the first time on Saturday and it was pure love. Then after lunch we usually have appointments we go to, which may or may not fall through, but either way we go back out and spread the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a baptism this Saturday!! The ward supposedly has 500 members on record but only about a hundred show up to church on average. It has the potential to be HUGE like Donald Trump.
I love riding in the rain. It’s the best! Jamaican rain makes Seattle rain look like a baby. I miss Brussel sprouts, spinach, and broccoli. They have broccoli here but it is super expensive. I miss good, old American hamburgers. I miss Mom’s spaghetti and lasagna and ravioli, and even Dad’s taco salad. I have only taken my allergy medication like 4 times during my entire time in Jamaica. I decided that I’m not allergic to things anymore.
I started practicing my spins again and I’m still super hyped on Discus. It’s way cool to know that I might still have a chance to throw when I get back. I met a former Jamaican track star, Winsome Darby. You should look her up.
My clothes are getting big on me. I haven’t lost that much weight, but I’m smaller. My quads are getting jacked though from the bicycle. I crave sleep and always try to go to bed like 30 minutes early, but it’s all good.


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