October 19, 2016


May Pen, Jamaica


Elder Palmer

Bikes Hate Me!

I got a haircut today. I didn’t email yesterday because it was Heroes day. It celebrates the people who fought to free Jamaica.
We actually have a washing machine and its great. All we have to do is dry our clothes.
We can also wear back packs so I bought a cheap one. I also bought my bike. Turns out bikes hate me. I broke the handle bars on Elder Smith’s bike because the front bolts became super loose while I was riding it. Then I used another Elder’s bike who already left which was working for a while but then I popped the front tire because I was moshing too hard on a rocky path. Then the pedal fell off the bike I bought on a bridge. So now I tow Elder Palmer around on his bike while he sits on my bike.
We have actually been getting fed a lot by members, it’s been great. Except for the liver. Livers should stay inside animals, not on my dinner plate. I’ve had stew beef and peas with pig tail, and chicken back.
A guy got arrested while we were talking to him at his girlfriend’s house. Some Jamaicans hate foreigners so much they get offended when we try to speak "their" language. It’s so funny. Every person who I talk to for more than 1 minute asks me what my race is. I’m like a racial anomaly, wrapped in an enigma.
Jamaica has the most powerful lighting storms. The rain is so cool. Man, do I love rain storms. It’s funny because Elder Palmer hates the rain.
We have a lot of new people we are going to be teaching this coming week. So next week’s email will be way cool. I had a cool experience with this guy named Derick. We ended up praying at the end of the lesson to find out what he needs to do to act in faith. We waited for a little but no spiritual impressions hit me. then I looked at my scriptures and they were opened up to the end of chapter 3 in Genesis. So I told him he needed to get married. Ha ha ha it was crazy. We can’t receive the blessings of a faithful person if we don’t believe we can receive those blessings.


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