October 10, 2016


May Pen, Jamaica


Elder Palmer

I will always be sweaty

Hey Mom. This will count as my overall letter. Jamaica is hardcore. It’s so cool. I’ve quickly come to accept that I will always be sweaty. I will most likely die covered in sweat. But it’s actually not that bad and the heat isn’t too bad. I’m actually in a trio with Palmer and Graham. Elder Graham is the branch president of the Junction branch so we went there this weekend.
Proselyting is kind of hard for me. I really struggle with starting off the conversation. But once it gets going I’m pretty ok. Also they actually don’t speak English. I thought it would be somewhat understandable, but it’s foreign. Sometimes i think it’s Spanish. Everyone thinks I’m from Jamaica but then once they see my confused face they realize I’m a foreigner.
The food is too tasty. I was born to eat Jamaican food. I’ve had peas and rice a couple of times. I had this delicious spaghetti noodle dish type of thing. They have a bunch of stray canines here. I don’t even consider them dogs. They don’t have that happy look in their eyes that normal dogs have. They look miserable and ornery.
Anyways, I’ve also decided not to dry myself after showers because I know I will be wet anyways. I haven’t got to talk to any Rastas yet. I saw some kids doing cartwheels, so I ran up and attempted a round off into back flip and biffed it. Twice. I’m out of practice. Simone Biles would be ashamed. How am I going be an Olympic gymnast/discus thrower.
Compared to the MTC I’m much more sleepy at night which I am very happy about. I only get bit by mosquitos at night. I haven’t put on any bug spray yet except for this morning. I’m also using less meds because I’m only a little stuffed up in the morning. I have yet to blow my nose during the day, only in the house.
We have this this twelve second challenge asking people if they were told by God that the Book of Mormon is true, would they be Baptized into his church? And people respond almost always yes. It’s really surprising. Jamaica has the most churches per capita in the world. People love to talk about God and Jesus.
Washington State beat Stanford 42-16? Is this real life? What the heck? Me and Elder Palmer are in disbelief right now. That’s too crazy. I might have to start liking them. “Bill Moos told me I can wave this flag!”


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