October 5, 2016


Missionary Training Center - Provo


Elder Callister

On hold for Hurricane Matthew

Yeah, I’m not going to Jamaica for a little. It turns out hurricanes aren’t good for flying planes in. I might leave Thursday or Friday. I’ll keep you posted. We found this out yesterday.
Tell Raquel that I loved the letter she sent me. It was actually perfect timing when I got it and that it helped me a lot. Tell her to keep sending those letters. I don’t know if I’ll send her one back in response until I get to Jamaica and have a more regular settled schedule. She should keep sending them though, and me AND my companion loved the picture on the back. I was reading it during some big missionary meeting thing and we both could not keep our laughter down.
Is there a new dance craze out yet? If so I want to hear about it. Tell the girls to email me too. How are our home ward elders doing? Tell Elder Horman he is awesome and that I got so excited when I got to watch him get his first baptism. Tell him to email me.
There is this really cool group of elders who are a week behind me and they call me Elder Swole. I have like this weird following of elders who whenever I walk by they are always like,"Haaay, Elder Swole" in like a melodical California way. My companion is like why do these people just follow you around?
One of my buds from England who I met on the first day came to our room the other night. He is going to Cambodia. We were talking for a while and I eventually brought up the topic of the Revolutionary war. I said "what do they teach in your history classes?" He said, “a lot about wars and things, I really like the ancient romans and things". This of course was a feeble attempt to not talk about the great loss which their country suffered. So I said "What about the Revolutionary war?" He said, "Actually we don’t learn much about it (surprise), but we know that you Americans were very rude about it and never stop talking about it, we Brits prefer to look on the future instead of dwelling on the past." Our entire room burst into tears of laughter and American pride. Those Tories are still sore.
Tell Carolyn I said hi and hope she and her family are doing swell.


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