September 30, 2016


Missionary Training Center - Provo


Elder Callister

Mini-Fridge for a Day

I didn’t mention this last week but Quentin L. Cook spoke the day I got here. I saw a kid who went to mission prep class with me. I also talked to an elder from Jamaica this week.
Oh, I forgot to tell you this last week. So we are supposed to prepare a talk each week for sacrament meeting. They randomly pick an elder and a sister to speak. So of course I neglected to write a talk. And of course I got chosen to speak. I crushed that talk so hard people were hugging me and congratulating me. It was pretty cool.

Can you send me a picture of Tito Lolo. My roommate looks so much like him. He also reminds me of him so much.

Actually this week has been really fun. So all of the elders going to Seoul, South Korea left on Monday. They were really cool dudes and I made friends with some of them. But one of their rooms had a mini fridge. So the morning after they left, me and my roommates snuck over and moved it in our room. That day after classes and stuff we had a food party with all the elders in our district. Not only did we get a mini fridge but because they had so much stuff they couldn’t take with them to Korea they were just giving food away. So we would walk down our hall and say, hey I like free stuff, and people would just walk out of their rooms and give us stuff. We had pizza for dinner once because some elders didn’t want it. We got two buckets full of food and snacks; we also got a Frisbee golf kit so we’ve been playing that in our room when we have time. We had the mini fridge for a day. We had to give it back the next day because we found out it was for diabetics to keep their insulin cool. But we still had a food party the one night we had it. We got so much free stuff!

I tried oatmeal yesterday because we got it for free. It was nasty. I also got a free pair of pants that fit me so well. I also got 3 white shirts that were a little too small for me but fit my companion just right. An investigator we were teaching said she wants to get baptized. That was an awesome experience. The experience with the investigator was actually real good. My companion said he could literally feel the force of Satan trying to stop him from speaking. That’s how I know that this investigator was real and important, because he tried so hard to stop us from teaching her.
I just looked at those pictures you sent and they are awesome. Someone needs to walk those dogs, Vanessa is getting fat! . I think my new favorite prophet is Isaiah. You should read from 1 Kings chapter 10 until 2 Kings 10. That’s what I did last week and they are so cool. My companion and I actually taught a district meeting with the branch presidency there. It went pretty ok. I’m gunna try a backflip 360 today. Pray for me

Next time I email you I’ll be in JAMAICA baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have everything I need now. I’m actually the flight leader so I’m responsible for everyone making it safe. Ha ha ha, those poor elders won’t make it Jamaica in one piece.


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