September 23, 2016


Missionary Training Center - Provo


Elder Callister

Cool Cats

How is everything going? I don’t even know how long I feel like I’ve been gone. I have no time perception any more. I really like the MTC though and my district is filled with cool cats.

My first day since I was an early arrival I got to chill in a class with a bunch of foreign peeps. That was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had so far. I only spent like a day and a half with them but they are now my friends and we make sure to talk to each other every time we see each other. There was a guy from the Netherlands (Elder Peters) Poland (Klimek), Mexico (Lozano) Basque country Spain (Del Molino) and the cocky yet funny Elder Mitchel of England. Those guys were great and getting to have friends the very first day was sooo nice. I have indeed seen cousin Sean quite a few times. He seems to be doing really well. I have also seen Ryan once. I do and always miss home and Sullivan ward and stuff but I’m not really having any homesickness issues at all.
My companion is Elder Callister. He is from Draper, Utah. We get along really well and he’s helped me so much in the MTC. He just graduated like me and is also 18. We had a lot of success teaching lessons together. Our different yet extensive knowledge of the gospel complement each other very well. He’s a cool dude. The funny thing about him is he also worked at Burger King before this. Except he worked there for like 2 years. Ha ha. The MTC is so crazy. Almost every minute of the day is scheduled. I actually really enjoyed it a lot. The Spirit is constantly around. I like it here because sometimes it might not seem cool to talk about spiritual things even at church, but here everyone is so open about their love of God.

Mom, thanks for the weekly updates. You are so awesome. I really love you and hope everything at home is going well. I can still do a back flip. I feel like I have a family here. My district is too raw. like undercooked. There are two companionships going to Jamaica. Two going to Australia. And three sets of sisters going to Canada. One of those sisters is also going to Australia. They have very quickly become my buds.

I only have an hour on the computer and I’m really slow at typing. I love you so much and keep sending stuff in Spanish. I’m learning Chinese, Korean, and German at this point from random Elders I talk to in the bathroom.

The only time I’ve really gotten angry this entire time is when I got warned for wearing the righteous most liberating American Flag socks from Carolyn. Besides that, I’ve been learning so much about teaching and God’s plan for us. The food has gotten a lot better since the first day and I’ve been gorging myself. It’s kind of weird.

I have no real drive or motivation to do like hard workouts. I really, really miss throwing discus though. I practice my spin every time I have enough room. That is one thing I really miss. Oh and I guess my family too:) You guys better be exercising the dogs, or else. Tell Rebekah that Twinkie- Kit Kat treat sounds so darn tasty.


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