August 20, 2018




Elder Fua

Decisions, Decisions

This week went well and it’s nice to read your emails and see your pictures. I am excited to see the family again. The girls look older fi tru. Rebekah still has braces. haha. Did RQ ever get braces?

For my first meal back I want rice and peas and chickens, with plantains and steamed vegetables, and some guava pine and mango juice.

I think I’ll be a model when I go home. I’m too pretty for manual labor. If things work out we will have about 5 baptisms this transfer.

I bought some Usain Bolt Puma running shoes. They are sick. Elder Fua and I have been eating a lot. We might slow it down this week, but gains for days.

For my homecoming party can we invite all my friends over to take a nap? That sounds like fun to me. Actually I can’t sleep past 6am any more so idk if I can ever nap any more.

Today I sat next to a RM at Mother’s (a restaurant). He got back in December 2016. He told of the horrors of returning home. But now he has a nice job and is married and still goes out with the Elders. I also just remembered that I don’t ever want to experience cold again. I will probably step off the plane take one breath in and get bronchitis. JK. What is your opinion of me going to the Spanish speaking Branch when I get back? I am also very much not wanting to go to singles ward. They scare me.

I know it’s not good for the winter time but what about a motorcycle? That would be sick! Or a Dodge Demon. Those seem to be the most reasonable options. haha

So I let Elder Fua cut my hair. I hate going to the barber. I have seen him cut other people’s hair before and it looked really good. Well, he butchered mine pretty bad. Both my hair and my flesh, I actually bled a little. But it’s been a blessing because everyone thinks it’s ugly. Which means girls leave me alone! It’s the perfect safe guard for the final month!

This week we started teaching Claudette’s family. They are rad. one of her daughters is a member from the Linstead branch. They came to church. We had six investigators at church, and 8 nonmembers in total attend. We have a baptism on the 31st for Sister Gray. I actually got to interview her husband for baptism.


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