July 30, 2018




Elder Jensen

Bob Marley Museum

Lucky ducks. Someday I will swim in a pool. I love you mom. You are cool. I love Rebekah. FBJ told me that Rebekah looks exactly the same. My week was good. This week I got to be an emotional counselor. I notice now that as I look back at it that I came across a whole heap of people who really felt defeated. I have seen people that have overcome their afflictions. I have seen that those who put their trust in him are always supported, whether it is they receive strength to overcome or to endure or anything.

28 years seems like a forever ago. My week was good ya know. Today we went to the Bob Marley museum. His music is cool. He had some cool stories and stuff, but being a "rasta" is silly. It was a cool experience and one of our investigators works there.

I’ve been trying to do more weight lifting so I can be huge. I wanna buy some swaggy Usain Bolt running shoes out here. If I wear what he wears I will run like he runs

We have this investigator named Gabby we started teaching recently. She is great. She came to church. It’s been a long time that we haven’t had an investigator at church. We had a lesson with her after church and it was good. After she got home she texted us that she was met by two sister missionaries in her yard. They were from the holy mother church. They worship the holy mother and some other foolishness. That got me kinda worried cuz she had just asked us in the lesson what a woman’s role was in Gods plan and in the church. But she told us that she was good with sticking with the LDS. Gabby is really cool and started meeting with us because she was looking for peace. She saw happiness and a sense of purpose in her co-worker Gimel. He introduced her to us. As she has begun reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible she said that some of her tendencies of contention and arguing are being nulled. Her anxiety is less oppressive and her hunger to learn of God has grown. It’s only been about 2 weeks. It’s great that she is trying this path and its awesome the fruit that is bearing.


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