June 11, 2018




Elder Jensen

Flooded Apartment

It’s great to hear about the girls. Rq is a beast. Keep on top of her training! This week was hectic as it can be. We spent the day in Port Antonio on Tuesday, and did a fun service project with them. I literally only ate breakfast that day we were so busy. So busy lately that eating and sleeping have become a burden. They take up so much time that we could otherwise use finding people, teaching and baptizing.

I am doing fine health wise. I weighed myself this morning and was 200. So I think that’s still really good. I’m the oldest missionary in our house and zone except for 1. Some very rad stuff has been going on. We got to bring the sacrament to someone in the hospital. I love both of those things. Taking the sacrament to people like we did as priests, and I love hospitals. I always feel sad for people but I know that I can talk to them and make them feel better. We met this man who works at the gas station and later in the week went to his yard to teach him and it was a great lesson.

The best part of my week was the baptism of Antonio, who was one of our investigators. His testimony at the end was so nice. It made me kind of feel like all the work that we have done actually went to something good. He got confirmed on Sunday. I liked church on Sunday because I got to bless the sacrament. I haven’t gotten to do that in a long time. I feel like I am fulfilling my Priesthood calling when I do that.

I miss you guys a whole bunch. The craziest moment this week was this. Our washer is filled up manually(hose). My companion left the hose on once the cycle started and flooded the apartment pretty good. We had a meeting to go to in Yallas. He was like "if we want to make it on time we need to leave now, we will just leave the rest for when we get back" I was stupefied! I was like, “really, I’m sure nothing bad ever happened from large quantities of water standing on the floor!!” I was like, “no suh”, and we finished cleaning that bad boy I tell ya wah.


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