June 8, 2018




Elder Jensen

Words of Life

It’s nice to see the cousins again. Do they still get along like the olden days? Well this week was hectic. It’s been very frustrating, but God blessed us with new investigators and a person being baptized this Saturday! Yaay!

Our trainee Elder Botta had to leave the island today because his work permit didn’t come yet. That was sad, he was my good friend. He was funny. Best part of the week was there was this lady we met in the market a little ways back, and we taught her and her nephew once. There was a whole bunch of people there but they were hiding and would scurry inside if we poked our head around the corner. Most of them were younger. Then we came back on Sunday and we started to teach her. Her name is Milly. Then we called down Daniel, her nephew, then we caught Princy (daughter of Mily) and persuaded her to join us. Then we saw this girl walking up on the hill above their house and waved her down. Her name was Chin. And by the end Tamieka joined us too. Wow! Everyone at first was doing the I have to pee dance and seemed like they had literally anywhere else to be besides in the lesson. But somehow by the end everyone was just quiet and focused. I read them 3 Nephi 11:37-38. I could see the change of expression on Princy’s face from unamused to pondering on the words of life in the Book of Mormon. WAY up. c u in little bit.


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