May 10, 2018




Elder Packer

The 2nd Maid Said Yes

Love you and see you next week. I swear you just emailed me telling me that you took the pool down and now you are already putting it up? Man o man. I have had a lot of opportunities to use Spanish lately. I think it’s the best it has ever been. I have thought about going to the Spanish speaking ward when I get home to learn Spanish so I can minister to our family in Spain.

Wow. That’s crazy. Richard Sherman on the 49ers? Prophesies are being fulfilled. Even the very elect will be deceived. Hmm. When I return it will just be the legion of broom. Because now we are gunna get swept. I know I have said this before but Raquel throws just like Virjiligus Alekna. He has similar limb length and torso length. I am soooooo happy she made it to the GSL championships. And as a freshman! All the way up! Sorry for the rest of the family, but I wait in anxious anticipation to hear how Raquel does in her track meets.

My week has been rad as ever. We finally had an investigator come to church. We have been teaching him for a short while. We met him at a self-reliance class. We also had such a bomb digity lesson. It was with a less active older lady who hasn’t been visited for a good while. When we saw her last she had a maid working with her. We told the maid that next time we come by that we would love to have her join us. So when we went back over we found out it was a different lady working. But no worry, none at all. We taught the same lesson we had planned and it was ballin! At the end of the lesson, Elaine( the 2nd maid) said yes, I’m very interested in learning more and I will read the Book of Mormon! We read with her John3:16; John 10:16;and John 21:25. All of these tied perfectly into each other and lead into the other sheep which lived on the American continents and of the book that was written by them about our savior Jesus Christ. That was a fiery day.

The ceiling was leaking on my bed this morning, so that wasn’t fun. I decided to just start studying at 430 this morning cuz of the wetness but then I just ended up "pondering" for a while on my blanket.


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