April 5, 2018




Elder Packer

Jason Bourne

Your week sounds hectic. We didn’t email yesterday because it was a holiday. This week and part of last week and everything have just been really hectic. Elder Hirschi went home for his foot. Another Elder got mad sickness and we helped him to the hospital and everything. That day was funny. We had just come back from a nice service activity. The guy we helped even fed us. We got all showered and did some study. Then, when we were about to start weekly planning which takes about 2-3 hours, we got a call from Sister Pearson informing us that we needed to rush to Yallas to carry an elder to the hospital.

Luckily the roads were empty because it was a holiday. So we flew like quick down there. Because we are in a trio with Elder Gibbons we left Elder Packer in Yallas with Elder Fua, then Gibbon, Jensen, and I were about to take off. Then we went to give the keys to the elders who would be staying in Yallahs (Packer/Fua). It turns out we forgot the keys at the house, so we turned back around towards the house, and to our delight we had locked the keys inside. So we asked their landlord downstairs if he had any spares. So we played the guessing game for 20 odd minutes seeing if he had a key. He didn’t. I started to recall memories from Jason Bourne and almost parkoured into the window from the roof. It would have been really cool, but I decided not to. Then I recalled they had a giant fruit picking stick. Long story short, we used a 20 ft. pole to reach into their house and pull the keys over. All or this while poor Elder Jensen was burning up with some awful allergic reaction. That’s not the funny part. We arrived at the hospital at 415. He gets seen by a doctor at 830 pm. wow! That was no fun. We didn’t get out till about 940 at night, but I did get to talk to a cool lady named Donna who had just been in a car accident but was almost unscathed. I really wanted to talk to her but I didn’t know what to say. Then the Spirit said “just read the Book of Mormon", so I did. Within 10 seconds she asked, “is that the Book of Mormon"? To which we answered “Yes” and started talking. She said she had a copy but lost it and so we started reading verses together. It was so good.


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