March 26, 2018




Elder Packer

My Week Was Crazy!

My week was crazy, nuts, and out of control. At 4 am on Tuesday we received news that at around 10 or so we would be receiving 2 elders coming from Savannah la Mar. So they got here and we had to wait with them for a while and then the AP's came back to our house and picked them up to take them to their zone conference. Then we went up to Port Antonio, which is about a 2 hour drive, tradeoff up there, came back Wednesday morning and went straight to the district meeting. Since then we have been doing a bunch of weird tradeoffs with the two new elders, Fua and Gibbons. Then on Saturday we had a trade off with the Elders in Yallahs, so I was in a trio in Kingston with Elder Fua and Elder Hirschi. We were working out with Odain and playing football(soccer). Now to describe Elder Fua, he is about 6'3 or 6'4 and 210 pounds. He played rugby and did mma back home in Samoa. He and Elder Hirschi were going for the ball at the same time and Elder Fua missed the ball and hit Elder Hirschi’s ankle, immediately fracturing it. We had to take him to the hospital. So now we had to do another trade off switch thingy because now Elder Hirschi has to be with us because we have a van(truck). So we sent Elder Fua to Yallas and now Gibbons and Hirschi are with us. We are taking turns staying in with him. It’s amazing how awesome naps are!

c'mon man. I can’t believe the track meet was cancelled! I was looking forward to getting the updates and highlights. I hope she does well. Eastmont is beast mode. I can’t believe she has a chance to go. That meet was so fun. bwop bwop. Me, Trevor and FBJ and Paige Van Matre went to Ihop last year before Eastmont.

I don’t think I have the mental capacity to date anyone, much less get married. But I guess we will see in a couple months. My companion goes home in May and loves to talk about getting married and all that stuff.

General Conference is the best on the mission. Pure, smooth, flowing revelation. How are Grandma and Grandpa doing? How are Phil and Daylon doing? How is Tita Antonia?

We played basketball this morning and I dunked it, and ate some peanut porridge. I love you mom, you are the best ever. I hope you dont let your dreams just be dreams. besitos y te quiero mucho. chow


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