March 21, 2018




Elder Packer

I'm Going to be Famous!

I’m feeling pretty good. I just got some cook shop. I ordered ackee and salt fish. They didn’t have enough for a full box but the lady put some stew chicken in there. It was magical. We went on a hike this morning to Cecily Falls up in Bowden hill.

It sounds like you are alluding that you guys are doing something with the basement, which we know is against the law of physics. I’ve been fighting a cold for a likkle while.

This week was really good because there were 3 baptisms in the zone. I got to interview 2 of them. That is one of my favorite parts of being a leader. I love getting to interview people. It’s such a unique opportunity to get to know people that you can’t have anywhere else. Yesterday was one of the best Sundays of my mission. I slept in until 630 which was nice. Usually I get up around 5 or 530 to read, but yesterday my body shut down all the way until wake up time. Then in church it was a relief society program. There were some amazing talks but one of the most memorable ones was Sister Hall. She talked about eternal families. She has the cutest baby. Even with mom goggles on you would rank this baby high on the cuteness charts. She’s not cute enough to make me want one of my own, though. I was also doing math in my head the other day and realized the two of you were old when I was born.

I’m going to be famous! The film crew of MEET THE MORMONS came down to Jamaica and had a bunch of us missionaries take part in a safety video they are making. It was pretty rad and I’m in a pretty big scene. My companion in the video was a stuntman. He was crossing a great big pipe over a gully and I was trying to stop him from crossing it saying, "It’s a bad idea" and other cautious things.

We had a KILLER lesson yesterday with our neighbor. It was so cool. That was the highlight of the week, getting to teach Odain right after personal study. I was so excited afterward.

I’m very proud of RQ. She is going to do very well. I know if she just grinds in practice and keeps her body healthy that she can a have a lot of fun this year. She’s going to go on fun trips and stay in hotels and get pampered and get stipends from the school. I still have my first 25 dollars they gave me for regionals. I remember feeling like I finally made it big.


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