February 27, 2018




Elder Packer

4 Meal Appointments

Whoa, that was an awesome email! Thank you much. Those stories are funny.

My week was hootin. Last Monday we had about 4 meal appointments. Sister Smith was leaving the boulevard ward and so everyone and their goat was wanting to feed her. She couldn’t make it to everyone by foot so she asked us hungry zone leaders to drive her. It was a symbiotic relationship. She got to where she wanted to go, and we got fed. mmmm.

Tuesday was good, we got to help in transfers and everything. We had 4 elders stay at our house. Elder Sabin and Hymus and Robbins and Rich. Robbins went home and the other ones are training. We all kinda met up at Wendy’s cuz its a centralish location. Also cuz they have nice food. Probably about 15 or more missionaries filtered thru that restaurant in the span of an hour and a half. I was the last elder to leave and I saw this lady with her boyfriend kept looking over at us and then would whisper something. So I went over and plopped the Book of Mormon on her table and asked if she had ever seen this book. Then she said OHH, you are Mormons, I was wondering what you people were. I said, would you like to be a Mormon too?.... and she handed me a napkin with her number on it and said, please call me later so we can meet and you can share more with me. I just kinda stood there really awkwardly for a while and then left with the rest of the elders. It was sick!

On Wednesday we went to the memorial of our investigators grandson. That family is called the crazy k's. 8 children, 7 girls. 3 of which are members and more to come in the future. I have been reading in 3 Nephi a heap as of late and it’s just so good. Jesus Christ is the master teacher. Matthew 11 28-30.


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