February 20, 2018




Elder Packer

Go to the Lord for Peace

Wow Mom, you look different in that picture. I barely recognize you! I always use our inside jokes on people but no one ever gets them. I’m staying in Kingston and will be with Elder Packer this transfer as well. We are going to be having around 6 missionaries stay with us for transfers though.
We found this cool less active lady that a member showed us. Her name is Gloria. She’s a funny old lady and now we are also teaching her granddaughter Tina. I’m excited to try to reactivate her. She lives in what we call “the bush”. I’ll send some pics next week. She is gunna make us curry chickenback. But hopefully she fries it instead. Fried chicken back is called ghetto steak and it’s so nice! I love you mommy and I hope all your dreams come true. This week the scripture is Mosiah 23:18.

This week was ok. An observation this week I made is that a majority of people require some sort of outer force of encouragement to be applied for them to do something. It seems weird to me. This week I was in a bad funk and I was really hoping that someone else would compensate for it. But looking back at the week I realized almost nothing progressed. I realized that without me doing my stuff, my stuff didn’t happen. It reminds of the scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants that talks about us being agents unto ourselves and being free to choose and being anxiously engaged in a good cause. More than ever have I changed from " I guess I’ll do it" to wanting to do things because I care.

In my studying’s I’ve been reading all over. But as of late it has been in 3rd Nephi. Repentance is the reoccurring theme. I tried this morning to clean. I have been getting slack at it. And when my companion and I did, our morning went better. We were more unified. That is just a short example of how little changes to be better can bless our life.

Yesterday we went and saw two investigators of ours, Britney and Carol. They hadn’t read, or come to church or prayed about what we taught. That was sad. It was actually sad enough that I didn’t pretend like I was upset. I realized that these two people didn’t know how important the gospel is. So I expressed that they could not overcome their current circumstances without embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We then proceeded to teach repentance as prompted and led by the Spirit. It was made evident unto us that one of the girls had something weighing down on her soul. We implored her to go to the Lord for peace, and to repent. It was a good lesson.

Hopefully today we will have 5 or 6 meal appointments. P-day will be used well. Let me tell ya!


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