February 12, 2018




Elder Packer

Best Day Ever

Monday was so good. We did p-day stuff, and then we picked up some donuts for a family home evening. We went to a member’s house and got fed by sister Lammie. I think her food is great. Then we went to Family Home Evening but we were late so we just ate their food. mmmmm.

Tuesday we drove to Yallahs. We had district meeting and then trade off. I stayed in Yallahs. It was one of the best days ever. It was so fun walking and sweating and Elder Robbins made me french toast and egg salad sandwich and mac n cheese with hot dogs in it.

Wednesday we did some foolishness. Squirrel, update me on the winter Olympics.

Thursday was brutal. I am dying to have a change happen. We watched a good video with the Brown family about gospel topics. Then we saw recent convert Sister McLean. We prepped her for her talk on Sunday.

Friday we just went through it.

Saturday I went on a trade off with the APs. Elder Christensen and I played futbol with the youth at Friday night activities. Elder Christensen and I could not get anyone to see us in the morning. So we just put our heads down and went and checked on someone who wouldn’t answer their phone. No luck. We talked to some peeps on the road. Then as we were about to leave to go to another area I called into a random gated yard because I thought I saw a leg poking out. She came out and her name was Nordia. She was super interested. We went into her house and taught her right there. Jamaica, land that I love. She came to church the next day. Sunday Nordia was there and we got fed by Sister McPhearson.

Today we got fed by Sister Lewis. Curry pasta and spaghetti.

Our mission president has been sick but he has gotten almost all better now.


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