January 29, 2018




Elder Packer

The Tree of Life

The favorite thing I read this week was Hebrews 11 and the story of the tree of life. Daily consumption of the fruit will undoubtedly lead us to want to beckon our friends and family to partake with us.
I’m glad to hear that things are going well. Dad told me about Rebekah’s sick ball handling. She’s the next Maya Moore! Raquel is gunna be huge by the time I get home. Eat, Sleep, get yoked. Question, does dad have her doing any powerlifting or olympic lifts at the gym? I would be interested to see if he is training her how he trained me.

Today we played basketball with the APs. I have no ball handles but it was still fun. This guy from off the street came and played with us, his name was Aidrean and we mugged him in basketball. haha.

There was a killer talk on Sunday about service and temples. Two of our investigators came to church and it was so swag. This week I fasted for a heap of things and it’s just mind boggling how God answers prayers. I ate some pasta rasta last week and it was amazing but it busted up mi belly.
Since I won’t get to tell him on the actual day, I wanted to wish Tito Lolo a happy birthday. It’s been so long since I heard from him. A member made us spaghetti the other day and it was so nice. I’m excited for mom’s garlic bread and spaghetti!


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