December 18, 2017




Elder Packer

Cool Story

No pics yet, soon to come. I love you mom. You are really great. This week I have been getting up early in the morning to study. It helps a lot. We discover new places daily and I’m trying to lose the little belly I’ve put on since no walking this transfer.

My new companion, Elder Packer is from Ogden, Utah and goes home in May. He just came from Grand Cayman. He is super organized which is great.

My leg is getting much better, but I’m getting fat. I have been reading Helaman in my scriptures lately.

Cool story. We went to meet this investigator the other Elders had and we finally got a hold of her. So we went to this supposed hard part of town and were standing in this dark street for a while. There was this talkative group of men sitting on some chairs on the curb, so we went up and talked with them. MISTAKE! I was with Elder Menlove. He loves to chat patwa with people and these Rastas were very adamant about letting us know that Jesus wasn’t our Savior. So after about 5 minutes of foolishness I went up on the highest point of the curb, and as if with the voice of thunder said, "Everyone, listen!" and I spoke directly to the lead dude and said, "First of all, Christ is Lord, and if all of you will repent of your sins…" Well, I must go, so I will finish the story next week.


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