December 4, 2017




Elder Packer

A Trip to the Hospital

I love you mommy. Last week was ridiculous. Well, my entire mission seems like it has changed 180 degrees. I feel like I am seriously living in a completely different country called "Kingston". I really don’t like it too much. I hate driving, but I’m slowly getting less angst behind the wheel. Everything is so different it just really not so fun yet. My new house is so nice, though. 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, NICE kitchen and a/c in every room!

I still haven’t received my companion yet. I’m in a tri-companionship with the AP's. My new companion will be Elder Packer and he is landing in just a couple hours in Jamaica, coming from the Cayman Islands so it will be exciting. I was temporarily with Elder Epps. We got lost every day. We could never find anyone. I prefer walking. I’m in the mission office right now but I still haven’t seen my birthday or Christmas package.

I had to go to the hospital because I have cellulitis. I had to stay inside for a while. Cellulitis or whatever the heck I had isn’t cool. My inner thigh was completely red, hard, fiery hot and painful. The total infection spread about 9 inches to the point that I couldn’t really bend my knee. It is still oozing but is getting smaller so that good. They have me on some antibiotics and stuff so that will be really grand.

I read in Ezekiel a lot today. I really loved it not only because he promises to throw down on the wicked heathen, but also because it brings to a sharp reminder of the covenants we have made and how strictly God has promised to keep his end of the deal. It made me realize that if I will do all I can to keep my covenants that I will be kept and guided to greener pastures.

Man, do I love banana chips. I also really want to see Abuelo and Tito Lolo and Tita Chari really bad. After my mission I feel like I have a work to do over there in the likkle city of Rota.


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