November 20, 2017


Spanish Town


Elder Scheese

Being a Good Father

What’s up chip chop. I’m glad to hear that you and RQ are getting along so well. I tell you what that my greatest worries as far as home go are about my sisters and praying they don’t go down the wrong path. Seriously, anytime I remember that my sisters are in high school and middle school it sends little shivers down my spine. I love those two girls so much and so to hear that dem a gwan down di strate path is a relief to me. Even more than my little uncertainties about what I’m exactly doing when I get home I honestly would rather know that my likkle sisters are healthy and making good choices and are active in the gospel than anything else.

Man, have these past two weeks given me perspective on some different things. First, being a good father is very important. Lately, I have both seen and heard from mothers affected by poor fathering and I couldn’t do much to help them besides devote myself to never make those choices. Second, repentance is the only way we can receive the true grace of God in our life. The gospel of Jesus Christ very simply lays out the steps we must take to be forgiven. ALL of the steps are necessary and by closely following them we will be forgiven and be worthy for the work each of us has been called to do. From personal experience I was able to do this and sweet is the love of Christ. I’m so glad that I get to share with people that second chances do exist and we don’t have to accept our short comings as permanent weakness. God has promised to make weak things become strong as we humble ourselves.

Getting to see and listen to Elder Cook speak was a grand experience. In preparation for his words I read one of his talks from the latest general conference. It was centered on how being humble will enable us to progress more rapidly than if we were prideful.

I love you so much mom. You’re great. I’m so excited to see you again. I truly brag about you to lots of people.


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