October 25, 2017


Spanish Town


Elder Scheese

Shule- Mighty in Strength and Judgement

I’m doing dandy. I’m as healthy as something that is really healthy. My abs are gleaming. My allergies are pretty nonexistent right now. I scrub behind my ears. I can eat a lot of food still so don’t worry. I feel stressed about school but at the same time I have so much spiritual access here that I won’t need to fret. I’m learning how to cook like a Jamaican so you guys will be pleased when I get back. We have hopes to baptize 7 people in the next 6 weeks so let’s see how that goes. Being a leader is hard but it is helping me grow. I still like hyenas but forgot about them.

This last week I noticed an increasing amount of harassment from females. I know girls have always noticed my eyes, but some of them here have literally begged me to poke my eyes out and give it to them. It’s kinda scary sometimes. There was this one girl in a group of four that we were talking to. She was looking at me like someone in the Donner party would look at a steak. I think this week was my first official time being proposed to. Anyhoo, I’m still single.

I really hope you keep pushing Raquel in the discus. Even if you just have her spin in the basement if it’s too cold outside, don’t let her lose her form over the winter. Have her keep practicing her discus rolls on the floor and just keep her foot work pure.

I’m glad the girls are such good students. I mean they are book nerds, but still good students none the less. The other day I raced Elder Scheese and I won and then used my momentum to do a huge upward leap and I felt like I flew! This week as far as missionary work goes has been spectacular. We found 7 new investigators and will teach 4 new ones this Tuesday. I’m so ready for a baptism. I have been fasting and praying a lot for success in our area. I also want to give Elder Scheese hope that baptisms are possible in Jamaica.

My new favorite hero from the Book of Mormon is Shule from the book of Ether. He is a super star and I will someday become mighty in strength and judgment just like him. I think I read Section 62 or 63 in the Doctrine and Covenants today and I recommend it to you to read.

Lots of love from Elder swagger hot fire.


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