October 9, 2017


Spanish Town


Elder Scheese

I met Rasheed Dwyer!

Dad, I just read your email and I was giddy with happiness. Thank you so much for sending this to me. I know without a doubt I want to be an athlete someday and I really like Track. Yesterday I was graced by God and given a most high tender mercy. We were walking home from getting fed at Momma Eddies. There was this big dude kicking a ball around and I jokingly asked him if he was in the Premier League (Jamaican pro level). He said no and that he just liked “kicking di ball”. Then we started talking and stuff and track came up. His name is Rasheed Dwyer and he just came back from the London world championships for the 200! He has run a 19.80. He said his greatest goal right now is to beat Yohan Blake. I was looking back and around and everything because I thought I was on a prank show or something. I was on cloud 9! He’s a tall dude. I feel faster after talking with him. His very aura oozes acceleration. I’m hyped as all get out and implemented some things he told me into our workout. I said if I didn’t see him again I’d meet him in Tokyo in 2020 and he assured me that he will be there representing Jamaica. Wow!

This week I also went on two trade-offs with people in my district. I had to sleep on the floor two nights in a row. That was not fun. Anyhow I received your SD card yesterday so I’ll be nabbing nuff pics fi you. I’ve been reading in the book of Luke as of late and man did I forget how compassionate Jesus Christ is. I’ve been thinking lately like wow, I really want to have more love towards the people of Jamaica. Then I noticed I need to have greater love and patience towards my companion first. I have been praying very fervently that I might be less short with him and more understanding. I noticed I really am a grumpy old man. Remember that time at the Father / Son camp out when I was all angry because the other kids wouldn’t go to sleep? I’m the same way here. If any lights are on at ten thirty, I’m frothing at the mouth.

I love getting to testify of Christ every day and I know that this work that I have been called to do is of the utmost importance. It is good that we are here.


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