September 25, 2017


Spanish Town


Elder Scheese


I did ab twists for Raquel today so that way her core would be stronger for the discus. I did a really hard ab workout this morning and each rep was for an extra foot on her discus throw. Tell dad to keep taking her to go practice. I figured at the pace she was on that she will accompany me to the 2020 Olympics.

Life has been up and down and I realized I was getting lazy and complacent. Man, a mission can be hard. At first it was because I was hot all the time, but the heat doesn’t bother me anymore. Now I’m sleepy all the time. I could honestly fall asleep at any given time. Even more than before I left

I’m so glad to hear that you guys had a good week. Tell Rebekah to enjoy those magical days of staying home sick. It’s the best. I hope she is feeling better. Carolyn told me that you are a beast in the gym, Mom. Maybe you will finally get those abs.

I am pumped for conference; I haven’t got to see any of it yet. We put someone on date for Baptism yesterday and I’m excited for him! He was like, ''wait, do I need to be baptized to enter the celestial kingdom?" and we were like yup! and he goes, "then I better get Baptized", so we have planned for the 14th of October.

My companion is a real ute. He is kinda like me when I first came out here, doesn’t really know how to do anything. hahaha it’s funny, and he always drinks my milk. He really wants to baptize somebody. I think he will get a baptism before he finishes training. He is a talented singer and we use that talent by singing to people all the time. I really like serving with him.



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