September 12, 2017


England Missionary Training Center


Elder Regnier

Week 3 MTC

How is everyone doing in good old Canada!? I hope the weather's nice and that you're still enjoying the cool fall weather. As for me, the weather's pretty consistent. Rain, rain and some more rain. Not as heavy as at home, and it comes and goes. I don't mind it. I guess into week 4 now! Wow that went by fast. Almost in the field, I feel that I have made some good progress. This week we are blessed to go to the temple 3times! Today at 9, we went on a church history tour with Brother Fag, I think. He's a huge church historian. Look him up. Idk if I spelt his name wrong. Took lots of pictures which I will send. Very cool. Totally different environment than back home. Everything's old. The buildings, The people, well I guess just those two. We go to Manchester this week again to tract! Wish me luck! It sounds that everything is great back home! Gonna hit up the book store today after lunch and get a hair cut.. Wish me luck on the haircut. My district is great, gonna miss them. For sure lasting friendships. I hope we will meet up in the field. I was able to stand by Elder Holland's thinking tree, where he received revelation about the London temple, or maybe the Preston temple. Can't remember! Our tour started on a bus where our tour guy gave us a summary of the early missionaries with it all starting in Canada, which opened the mission to England, hugely growing the church. Great history. Crazy to think that was not too long ago that our ancestors like James bridge, his father John and many other were exactly there hearing the words of the early missionaries. Brother Fag went into quite some detail which I can't remember much, but it was an amazing experience. We visited the "missionary tree" and the plaque beside it talking about the early saints. Also another plaque similar to it, about Pres. Hinckley. We visited the apartment of him which I took a pic in front of (you'll see). Also the apartment of the early missionaries who were abducted by evil spirits which I'm sure you've heard the story or at least dad has probably. The river Ribble where the first saints were baptized. Amazing to see it. Great week to be fair, can't wait to get into the field. I love you all , see you next week,
Love your missionary,
Elder Tollestrup ❤❤


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