September 5, 2017


England Missionary Training Center


Elder Regnier

Week 2 MTC

Hey family! How are you all??
I can't believe EMMA and Cody have started school already! Crazy! Good luck you two, work hard, have fun and remember to look out for each other! EMMA holy cow you're in jr. High!! I can remember my first day of jr. High, a big change for sure and I was scared, but so much fun! Plus Avery was the big dog in grade nine so I had her to look after me, and same for you, you got cody James! Keep an eye out for all the boys code;) Good luck in school em, you're gonna do great, always be the leader you are, and be kind to everyone, people will want to follow you and be your friend, and that's how you are anyways! Love you! Cody Jay! Same goes for you bud, remember who you are, stick up for the little guys, be a leader and have integrity, honour your priesthood, remember you hold it. It's called the preparatory priesthood. You're preparing for the Melchizedek, rn! Yesterday I got to exercise my authority and give sister Ikavesa( a sister in my district from Tonga) a blessing because she was sick. Priesthood power comes from obedience, faithfulness, exercising authority and diligent service. Remember those things. I love you! EMMA keep taking pictures! You have a gift. Use it. One day it will be a huge tool to you. And code hit the weights but not too much, we don't want you bigger than me do we? ;)
The MTC is great! My teachers are Sister Harkness and Brother Wilford, both amazing! I have memorized the 42 principles of the lessons , next step is memorizing a scripture reference to go with each. I also memorized Joseph Smith's first vision account. I've been keeping a great journal so far and plan to continue. Me and Elder Regnier taught elders quorum lesson and I think it went well! There's only like 60 missionaries here. All but one elders in my district are related to me some how. Pretty cool.
I've played basketball almost everyday, bump mostly and I dunked on a few kids. There's a couple more Canadians from alberta here. Sister Disk who's from Calgary and Elder Olson who's from Barnwell, he played volleyball and I knew him before. And there's elder Rosanval who's Danny Bs relative and he's been to his camp lots and visited magrath and cardston lots.
We watched the John Tanner story last Sunday, and I got to tell everyone my relation ;)
There is this little canal thing where me and Elder Stoddard have gone and ran, and there's these little houses to your right on the hill(super old and brick but renovated a bit) and along the canal there's a few little house boats where people live or camp or whatever. There's also this stone bridge which is super old I bet. Manchester looks so cool, I saw a castle there.
Today we went into Chorley and Elder Wesche got a coat and jumper. Me and Elder Regnier got some candy (or sweets as they call them) I get called
"Love" often when we've gone to town so that's cool.
I went to get my shot! Good news and bad news. Bad news is it was 50 pounds, good news I actually didn't need it! So saved 50 pounds holla. Turns out my past hepatitis shots combine so I don't need the part 2 of that one. Not gonna argue with that I guess haha. Things are cheap in the little market places. Haven't bought anything besides those sweets I said and a drink earlier.
Elder bunker this Sunday talked to us about having a vision, goals along the way, and a plan. I have been thinking about that, and what I want for my life. First is serve my mission to the best of my capacity, enjoy and learn as much as I can. Next is come home, get a good education, haven't figured our what yet, but I have that vision , work hard the whole time, and get married in the temple! Seems like a while away but as I've been to the temple a couple weeks in a row and seen it everyday and walked the grounds, I know that's what I want. Everything I do on my mission is for that vision.
I wouldn't be a proper missionary without leaving you guys with an invitation. If invite all of my fam to study from the BOM, and look to it for guidance in our lives. It will bring us joy, treasure up the word!
I haven't emailed grandparents yet and I feel bad.. I haven't had so much time to do so. Let them know that I love THEM so much! They've taught me so much and hope they are all doing okay. And let them know I am doing great and enjoying every second. Here's some pics, the white board one is from me and Elder Regnier's lesson
I love you all, CHEERS
Your missionary,
Elder Tollestrup ❤


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