August 29, 2017


England Missionary Training Center


Elder Regnier

First P-Day, MTC

Mom and Dad, how are you guys DOING? I am doing great! The MTC is great and I am learning so much about the gospel, my purpose and my own faith. My companion is elder Regnier, pronounced Ren YA! Haha he's from Saskatchewan! Can you believe that?? In my district We have us two Canadians, two Americans, who are elder Stoddard and Wesche, and two brits who are companions ! Crazy HEY? And their names are elder Hoole and guess who the other guy is... Elder James Ireland... yeah the guy from wales that dad's work BUDDY KNOWS!! It's crazy ! When I read him the email from dad we all went crazy haha. You'll be happy to hear that your son is district leader ;) I guess they think I'm a good leader or something. I saw bro and sis Dudley! He gave me a big hug he said IT was from Dad. I'm grateful I got to see them. Everything's going amazing HERE! How's home ??
EMMA and Cody I love you TWO!! Cody tell EMMA about the music I told you about it's clean and UPLIFTING! Read your scriptures you TWO! Record in a journal things that pop into your mind when you read, it's the Holy GHOST!
Avery and Connor! I love you guys! How are you guys doing and the BABY?? Great job in your golf tourney! Woohoo!
Thank you all for your words of comfort everyone, I love, and miss all of you ! Sorry that I am not the best emailer YET! I will get better! Thank you for your emails I love to hear from you guys! I'm praying for you guys and don't worry about me I am loving it. We have 4 weeks in the MTC now I guess, 3 to go. Soon we'll be going to Manchester to give out BOMs,.. excited! ANXIOUS! All of the elders are awesome! Love you GUYS! CHEERS! ❤❤❤


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